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Secret Passages Lead to a Shack Where Souls Read & Journal to Their Hearts' Content
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Time is of the Essence
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The Shrieking Shack is a non-canon Harry Potter fansite...
Several years after the Battle of Hogwarts, a wearied sorceress
And her faithful kitty decide to build a website in another dimension
Of existence (a virtual land known as Cyber Space). Will the members
Of this alternate world stand strong despite the forces of evil? The year
Is 2014. The end of winter is near and a storm is brewing on the horizon.
Chemtrails and ominous clouds steadily approach the natives of this land.

Poema Poematis


The mystical realm awaits to be discovered and celebrated.
So common to man, the enchanted fades away
And lies buried underneath layers of banality--
Our various realities and levels of existence.

(c) 2016, Carmen Aguilar.
All rights reserved.

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