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 Low Vibrations, High vs. Low Vibrations 101, Law Of Attraction, & Chakras

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PostSubject: Low Vibrations, High vs. Low Vibrations 101, Law Of Attraction, & Chakras    Fri 21 Mar 2014, 09:47

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mother Conspiracy #2: Low Vibrations, High vs. Low Vibrations 101, Law Of Attraction, & Chakras

Low Vibrations:Mother Conspiracy #2?
Are inducing and encouraging low vibrations the ultimate conspiracy?  I sure think so.  Once you learn about the New World Order plans (Mother Conspiracy #1: goals of sickness, death, suffering, oppression, depopulation, stupidity, elimination of 80-90% of the population) and all other conspiracies like any that don't seem to fall under NWO plans... Once you study these, high vs. low vibrations, will begin to realize that

1. everything that doesn't fit into the mother conspiracy #1 of the New World Order genocide plans... it alternatively fits into mother conspiracy #2 of low vibrations.

2. there really is a war on for your mind, just like Alex Jones always says.  That war on your mind is about keeping you in the matrix.  It's about defining your reality.  It's about telling you what to think, how to think, how to feel, what to do... It's telling you to think that you're free, even though you're not.  What do I mean when I say free?  I could mean "free, but still in the matrix, still brainwashed" or, alternatively, I could mean "free, totally, mind body soul spirit all of this self is FREE and in love with life, aware of brainwashing, aware of the matrix, but also aware of how beautiful the world is, how I create reality with my thoughts, how I have a higher self, how I can do anything I want, how I am infinite and eternal, how we are all one... etc.

[chakrachart pic goes here]

Essentially, when you keep someone in low vibrations, they attract more and more low vibrations... Eventually the person's soul is just in such turmoil that the person's chakras are closed, they don't feel good on their inside (soul, self love, personality, body, spirituality), their outside (appearance, body pain, etc.) or about their world (work, money, relationships, living arrangements, school, career, etc.).  They just are in utter chaos.  Which areas and how much obviously are different for each person, situation, and time of life, maturity, etc.

It seems like everything that is down to earth, hippie, and trying to use ancient knowledge, teachings, technique, using all the earth has given us in natural ways, using meditation, natural healing, communities, art, etc. etc...  All these things help chakras open, help a person change their life for the better, help everybody benefit... and these are the not-common stereotypically "hippie" alternatives.  Mainstream ways?  They're completely low vibrational!  All of them!

The thing is... I don't think it's a coincidence.

Think of the way we treat things... water treatment (pipes, chlorine, fluoride, etc.), agriculture, land, childbirth, hospitals, money, poverty, governments, big pharma, big agra, the federal reserve, assassinations, toxic materials, standard public schools, standardized tests, public school food, genetically modified food, additives, psychiatric pharmaceuticals, modern wheat, shootings,war on terror, 9/11, churches with leaders who are corrupt pedophile satanic abusers, factory farming, the list could go on forever. satanic music with reverse speech, inducing depression, anxiety... obsession, fear, hatred, swearing, goal is a new world order...

Think of the alternatives: service-based communities, natural healing,  genuine communities, painless childbirth, organic sustainable local loving farming, no toxic chemicals, detox, nature nature nature, anti-money, anti-government, anti-poverty, high vibrational loving happy music, goal is a new system...

See what I mean?


Mother Conspiracy #1 is the New World Order.

  1. They have/had a mass genocide plan called the New World Order in which they plan on exterminating 80-90% of the population on the
     planet.  Goals of NWO:
       Mass control & manipulation
       Money, power, oppression, poverty
       Sickness & Depopulation: through camps, eugenics, population control, infertility, chemicals, weather catastrophes, GMOs, vaccines,    
      wheat, etc
   But further understanding of everything that satisfies these goals, and further understanding of vibrations... reveal that
       Disconnection from divinity: Prevention of enlightenment, keep us in low vibrations, human higher power & true abilities, love, happiness,
      equality, peace, social-emotional intelligence, connection with nature
       Suppression of life beyond earth & our knowledge
       All conspiracies fall in one of these mother conspiracy categories. Understanding this Mother Conspiracy #2 will reveal understanding of every single "bad" thing in our world. Low vibrations are things that are toxic and revolve around fear, hatred, etc. This includes sickness, war, divorce, shootings, etc.

[transformations and the chakras pic goes here]

...More on Vibrations 101, Law of Attraction, & Chakras:

[video of Good Vibrations goes here]

Listen to this song.  Good vibrations...  Good vibes... You're finally going to realize what exactly the Beach Boys were talking about.
For convenience, I've highlighted the sources of good vibrations that they're talking about in this song.

Beach Boys Good Vibrations

I, I love the colorful clothes she wears

And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair

I hear the sound of a gentle word

On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

Im pickin up good vibrations

Shes giving me excitations

Im pickin up good vibrations

(oom bop bop good vibrations)


Close my eyes

Shes somehow closer now

Softly smile, I know she must be kind

When I look in her eyes

She goes with me to a blossom world

Lyrics Source

You'll notice, the song "feels" good too- that's because the music in itself is high vibrational, and has been made to feel similar to the way she makes him feel.

To learn more about sensing psychic energy, particularly in music, see here.

What does it mean when someone talks about high or low vibrations?
What does it mean when I say "that's a low vibration" or "plants are high vibrational"?
What does it mean when a person is giving off good vibrations?

Understanding high and low vibrations is something that intuitive intellectuals have understood for decades... But quantum physics is catching up, getting there, going this direction. Quantum physics understands that EVERYTHING has a vibration/frequency/wavelength - colors, sounds, plants, foods... but it's just now catching up to the psychic community, who have known for quite some time, that this list of vibrational things also revolves completely around frequencies, chakras, Ph levels, and FEELINGS.
Basically, frequencies/vibrations are a measure of divinity.  What would angels or Jesus or Buddha do/like/be like/support?


Below is a lovely explanation, starting with a chart.

Vibration Level (/wavelength/frequency)

Higher Vibrations (Higher frequency of thought vibration)

Lower Vibrations (Lower frequency of thought vibration)
Feelings & personality/characteristics:

inner peace
full of life
open to opportunities, possibilities, adventures, trying new things
interested in high vibrational things
independent or healthily codependent
confident, secure, safe
healthy communication skills
conflict resolution skills
team work skills
high social-emotional intelligence
not worried about financial independence, money, food, survival
feel like you can express yourself, be listened to
inner and outer beauty
high vibrational people beat to their own drum, individual, unique, possibly seen as "weird" or different, but still likable, well liked - they're nonconfirming.

feeling emotionally "heavy" or "dark"
feeling sorry for yourself
going over things that have already happened
corruption, fraud
boring, and thinking that life is boring.  Just a note, the word bore in french is reflexive, meaning that you bore yourself.
not fair
not filled with life
closed to new experiences
interested in low vibrational things
overly dependent
in denial
dishonest with themselves, not wanting to face life, face their past, confront issues
low social-emotional intelligence
worried about financial independence, money, food, survival

low vibrational people tend to worry about confirming much more than high vibrational people do.

Living in the NOW, trying to experience life fully at every moment, appreciating every moment

Stuck on the past or future
Body (thoughts control reality; negativity or positivity affects the body)

Feeling good!

Hurts, sick - you may just be randomly sick, but yes, the body accumulates pain due to toxic energy finally speaking up.

Feeling like you’re in the right place at the right time, life’s going perfectly, following intuition makes it so that you’re in the right place at the right time.  life is not a coincidence.  the more you follow your intuition, the more it talks.

Not following intuition, life is not synchronistic, or rather, you are not “in sync” with life.
Probably these activities/actions/things/places:

unity consciousness
blessing food
reading, if you like reading
favorite things
being outside
wearing colorful clothes
"my favorite things" - sound of music
favorite feel-good movies
tree hugging
nature: being outside, sun, animals, plants
exercise - walking, biking, boating, running, roller blading, skateboards, going to the gym, aerobics, swimming, climbing trees, building tree houses, etc.
belief in higher realms, higher self, paranormal, angels, spirit guides, etc.
sitting outside
guided meditations, hypnosis, meditations, therapy, counseling, reiki therapy
kids, babies
golden rule, treat others like how you would want to be treated
community service
loving strangers
giving to others
making friends
humane loving farms with proper treatment, lights, outdoors, etc.
humanure, human compost systems
low impact living, sustainability
fair governments
acceptance of all
working towards the good of humanity, civil rights, rights for the earth, etc.
education systems that encourage individuality, creativity, self exploration, self discovery
positive subliminal messages
self sufficiency
some music, music that enhances the soul
the sun
healthy friendships, relationships, companionship

duality consciousness
self bullying
eating disorders
abuse from others
self abuse
brainwashing media
lies, even white lies
violent video games
computer addiction keeping you from living life
cheating on a spouse
cheating on a test
anything bad karma
treating others badly
killing bugs, plants, etc. if you don’t have to
laughing at mean things
watching someone get bullied and not doing anything, etc.
curse words
factory farming
clear cutting
pipes - water has consciousness
modern sewage system
corrupt governments
lifestyles that are toxic to the earth,others or self
sleeping around
education systems like america’s, modeled after prussia’s, which encourage obedience, uniformity, conformity
evil intentions
hiding things
crimes against humanity
negative subliminal messages
many electronics
some music, music that deteriorates the soul
unhealthy friendships, relationships, companionship
Things going into the body


alkaline, good ph level - "So what is the regulatory authority that controls cell processes? The answer is pH.  The pH of your tissues and body fluids affects the state of your health or inner cleanliness or filth.The closer the pH is to 7.35 - 7.45, the higher you’re level of health and well being and your ability to resist states of disease and the onset of symptomologies." (1)

natural food
nontoxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly products
vegetables, especially a variety, ones with lots of color.  especially ones grown with love.
desire to kill food the least amount possible - this is the reason for vegetarians, raw diet, fruitarians, vegans, not much meat
some higher vibe drugs, such as cannabis, acid, mushrooms, etc. this is debateable, obviously these drugs are better than the others and can be very enlightening, but it may be better to be drug-free still.  debatable.
home remedies, natural cures, hemp oil, gluten-free, toxic removal, detox, orgonite, garlic, onions, etc.

acidic ph levels -
"Pharmatceuticals Create Acidity, Not Alkalinity: What pharmaceutical drug neutralizes acids and increases pH? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug addresses nutritional deficiencies, especially alkaline minerals? NOTHING!!! What pharmaceutical drug boosts or enhances the immune system? NOTHING!!! And how could they? They’re poisonous and destructive, not nutritive and constructive. Pharmaceuticals are acid. How can you treat an acid condition with acid?" (1)
“flavorings” not specified, usually toxic
processed sugar
high fructose corn syrup
modern wheat
toxic perfume, soap, cologne, cleaning agents (clorox, laundry soap, makeup, etc.)
smoking tobacco (cancer stick)
hard drugs- meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.
modern medicine
meat, especially factory farmed meat
fluoride, mercury, aluminum, etc.
Life perspective

glass is half full
positive thinking
aware, awake, intention
no regrets, everything is learning experience, growth opportunity, and/or timing agent!
positive self talk

victim of life
glass is half empty
negative thinking
in a trance, not intentionally living
self sabotage
self-limiting statements
I can't.
negative self talk



Behavior of people around this vibration?

people think you’re attractive, and will be attracted to you.  

people will subconsciously (or intentionally) avoid you, or will be drawn into conflict with you. (because you're radiating bad vibes)

Now, what is the LAW OF ATTRACTION and what does it say?

Law of attraction says like attracts like, where your energy goes, your energy flows

High Vibrations:
This high vibration will attract other high vibrations.  

This is why good days seem like everything is good, and good things just keep happening.

This is also why, if you suddenly decide to smile just because, you’ll attract other high vibrational thoughts/feelings/people/things/activities.

This is why being wholesome becomes an easy way to live, because you’re letting things flow and be attracted to you.

Low Vibrations:

This low vibration will attract other low vibrations.

This explains why bad days just keep getting worse, and everything’s going wrong.

To get rid of this low vibrational mindset, decide and intentionally recognize that you create reality, and are creating it with every thought.  So, stop in your tracks, recognize your self talk and your perspective on your world at that moment, and then say nice thoughts to yourself, even if you don’t believe them.  Start smiling, even if you don’t feel like it.  Go do a favorite high vibrational thing, not because you feel like it, but because it will attract positive vibrations, and then it will become a genuine feeling good.


High vibrations = more divine: things that are good for your soul, things that make your soul feel good, things that god might try/do/love/enjoy, chakras open, understanding of spiritual law, unity consciousness, in charge of life and feeling grounded, in control, like you create reality
low vibrations = more toxic: things that your soul doesn't appreciate which you may dislike or you may think you like it but you don't really, things that god would not like, chakras closed, duality consciousness, stuck in a matrix, feeling like a victim of life where you are not in control

But so many people are stuck in their lower chakras not being balanced.  ...And they're stuck there because of the matrix conspiracy we live in, with so many low vibrational things.
It's a conspiracy of stopping/preventing enlightenment, awareness, balance, and love.  a conspiracy of preventing and stopping human evolution into the new age.
But the leaders of the conspiracy aren't winning, so there's no need to worry.

So in a sense, all of the personal characteristics & feelings have to do with chakras, directly.
All of the list has to do with frequencies/wavelengths/vibrations.
This is because these things define our world.  Our world is pure energy. (See Quantum Physics 101)

So, we know that vibrations/frequencies/wavelengths are contagious.  This explains why "sleep molecules" seem to be in the air when someone is napping in the living room and everyone else gets tired, or why someone who's angry enters a room and everyone notices, suddenly the spark of good energy in the room is gone.  It explains why good energy is also contagious, and why a happy person can start talking and their energy radiates so much that the energy is felt by all others, and suddenly, everyone's happy.

Because energy is contagious, because thoughts create reality, and because our energy does radiate to the world.. this means that our personal lives suddenly have a huge importance, significance, and we have a responsibility to intentionally seek high vibrations, in order to improve ourselves and the world around us.  How we feel and what we do has a direct impact on the world, on a vibrational level.
It also means that we have a wonderful opportunity to improve the world by taking control of our realities and beginning to realize that intention is everything.  Take the opportunity!  

Understanding vibrations, personal creation of the world, and learning to seek higher vibrations intentionally in order to create the world we want (and learning to BE the change in the world that we want to see so that that vibration is also attracted to us)....  all these things I'm suggesting that you do..

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Youtube search for guided meditations & hypnosis:

   Guided Meditation: Chakra balancing & activation  (19 ish minutes)
   Guided Meditation: Chakra Activation & Healing (1+ hour)

Reduce Stress:

   MEDITATION - 15 Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress (15 minutes)
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   Try listening to this kind of music:
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10 Steps to raising your vibration
Raising Your Thought Vibration Is Actually Pretty Easy
Are People With Higher Vibrations Superior?

Posted by Michelle Monk
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Low Vibrations, High vs. Low Vibrations 101, Law Of Attraction, & Chakras

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